about henry dean

The Henry Dean company was founded in 1972 and is now a second generation family-owned business. Henry Dean specialises in a range of exclusive decorative glass objects. The art and nature inspired designs are all created in-house with a focus on colour and craftsmanship. 

The company used to consist of three branches: Henry Dean, Deanflowers and Land. To simplify this, all products can now be found under the Henry Dean umbrella. Henry Dean stands for unique glassware without any mass production.

logo's " Land by Dean" and "Dean flowers"

our products

Henry Dean products are characterised by timeless designs made by artisans on a small scale. In the collection you can find a wide range of objects like glass vases, bowls and plates, hurricanes, votives and tea lights, candleholders as well as glass and velvet stools. Recycling glass has been a focal point since the start of the company and now, more than 50 years later, a large part of the collection consists of recycled glass.


Every object is handmade, mouth blown and unique. The use of a wooden mould for example is a very primitive technique that is performed by the skilled hands of real craftsmen. Each time this mould is used, it burns out a little bit which gives each object an exclusive character.

composition vases
Charlot_Smoke_0811 copy
detail of ablack/darkgreen handmade glass vase with a white flower

Henry Dean for You

When owning a Henry Dean object, you choose for quality. Through the years Henry Dean has managed to make timeless designs with a great emphasis on craftsmanship. Small imperfections and bulbs due to the man-made process ensure you have a glassware object with soul in your home.