Vernis Sarah!!


    Wow, gorgeous collection - which bags do you use most frequently?

    ,Congrats! louis vuitton bags,Way back in the day (I'm mid-50s) 'cool' guys used to have a racoon tail on their car aerial or rearview mirror. This new fad reminds me of that! louis vuitton wallet,

    congrats! louis vuitton purse

    ,how about a speedy b, totally, or galleria, or could wait for the wesminster decisions decisions good luck deciding ,I'm falling outta love with my Damier Pocket Agenda... but to replace it's place soon will probably be a Damier Medium Ring Agenda? louis vuitton replica,It is here in our store (not GM size tho). I thought it to be a wonderful bag with great features. Lightweight/zipper top/cute pleats/great price point. ,

    CONGRATS ! Sabella love both of ur goodies wink*wink* esp the speedy <3 louis vuitton bag

    ,Very nice, Love the shoes. Congrats! LV,

    lockit! As far as I know they have/are discontinuing cassis, so it will probably be gone soon. The papillon will probably be available forever as it's iconic. louis vuitton bag


    You've been himming and hawing for a while about the bag. If you can afford the increase then buy it.It seems like you're driving yourself crazy over it. LV